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Convertic Business Case Processing

Convertic Business Case Processing offers a comprehensive solution for the processing of daily Business Cases in the financial industry.

The system is based on the idea of Business Cases, which serve as containers for the lifecycle of a particular business request. This corresponds to the common mental model of knowledge workers in the financial industry. A Business Case is processed collaboratively by a group of employees in different roles and forms the framework for the structured processing of the underlying request, the communication between the involved actors and other stakeholders, the management of related documents and data, and the exchange of data with external systems.

As a ready-to-use solution, Convertic Business Case Processing requires only minimal integration into the target system landscape to start processing internal or customer-related business cases, but can integrates with a wide array of other systems.

built-in functionality

Definition of Business Case categories and types with their respective metamodels,
Customizable prioritization and SLA management of Business Cases based on arbitrary properties
Enhanced role-based assignment of tasks to contributors
Management of associated documents and data artifacts
Integration of customer communication into the Business Case processing by providing interfaces to Output Management and Input Management systems as well as a framework for OMS data preparation
Channels for communication with internal and external contributors and stakeholders.

How convertic Case processing can help your business


Support for complex automation scenarios, reducing manual effort and costs for technical, repetitive tasks


Wide range of extension points for tighter integration with surrounding systems, including with external secured data storage for client identifying and sensitive data


Comprehensive audit trail and logging. DSVGO-compliant data deletion. Legal hold. External data range authorization systems support.

Convertic Solutions

Based on the Convertic Business Case processing platform, our Solutions are software aimed to tackle a specific corporate use case for our customers

  • Our Convertic Sigma solution automates acquiring, managing and reporting the signatures of your company's signatories. Based on customisable sets of rules and human resources information, Sigma identifies signatories and makes the appropriate data available for automatically signing documents, verifying signatures, maintaining your Registry of Commerce entries and other business-specific use cases.

Who we are

We have developed customized software over many years in several projects in the field of business case management, most recently together in projects for the Swiss financial industry.
In the process, we've noticed that the solutions implemented in the customer projects were always based on the same essential components, despite the different business domains. Open source or commercial software available on the market did not cover these recurring requirements.
This gave rise to the idea of developing a standard software that provides these basic components and meets the high confidentiality and compliance requirements of the Swiss financial industry.

Hauke Haastert

Chairman of the board

Hauke graduated from the University of Göttingen with a degree in economics and started his career in the information technology in the year 2000. In his many years in the IT industry, he gained experience in a wide range of technologies and business areas. He is responsible for the strategic direction of the company’s products.

Alexis Hafner


Alexis is a graduate of Télécom Paris. With a 12-year track record as a software developer, architect, and team lead in the trading and banking industry, he brings technical expertise and leads the development of the Convertic Software products.

Dirk Engberg

Member of the board

Dirk holds an engineering degree. He has been working for many years in various technical and management roles: from Software Developer over Business Analyst, to managing large-scale IT projects and programs for the industrial and financial sector. Having founded his own consulting firm in 2015, he’s got all the required expertise and is accustomed to the challenges of bringing the right resources together.

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To schedule a call or a meeting, to learn more about our product and how it can help your organisation, or request a demo, contact us here or write to sales@convertic.com

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